Cult Parallels: Abraham-Hicks, Encouraging Laziness and Passivity

Cult Parallels: Abraham-Hicks, Encouraging Laziness and Passivity

Why is it that so many people who become disillusioned with Abraham-Hicks come away feeling like they were brainwashed or part of a cult?  In no particular order, I will be comparing components of Abraham-Hicks with known cult tactics in a series of blog posts.  First up:

Encouraging and Reinforcing Laziness and Passivity

This blog is coming to you from Western Canada.  As some of you may know, we are in the midst of our federal elections.  Election day is tomorrow.  It seems like a good time to admit something embarrassing to you all:  The first time I ever voted was earlier this year, 2015.  In fact, I was once a proud NON-voter as a result of the ideology I followed.

The Teachings of Abraham are not outright against being interested in politics or the goings-on of the world.  Ostensibly they teach “get in the vortex and then” vote or watch the news or apply for that job.  And yet, the ideology grooms its followers into certain mindsets and behaviors. 

Abraham says:

  • Politics are divisive and mostly “out of the vortex”
  • “You’re casting your vote vibrationally all the time”
  • “You vote vibrationally in the most effective way by making lists of things that you appreciate.”

“Living is easy with eyes closed”

Why would I vote if I believe making lists of things I appreciate is more powerful than casting my ballot?  Why would I concern myself with anything complicated or hard if I can be more effective “vibrationally”?  At the time this was all music to my ears.  I could avoid everything complex AND make a real difference, not like all those “out of the vortex” folks getting wrapped up in debates or voting or details.


Thanks to Abraham, my instinct to be an informed and active citizen of the world was dulled and replaced with a benign, self-focused passivity.

Here’s how the typical mindset of an Aber can be summed up when it comes to the larger world around them:

  • “Not my circus, not my monkeys!” (cue audience laughter)
  •  Nothing is ever wrong
  • Each person’s circumstances reflect their individual vibration, which you cannot change
  • Trying to fix, fight, or even pay attention to problems is foolish and makes problems bigger
  • The most powerful thing you can do is keep yourself on your “high flying disc”
  • Take the vibrational journey and the path of least resistance

Now that is a doozy of a recipe for passivity.  Basically:  Bad things happen when you look at bad things that are happening, you can’t help anyone or anything except by the magic that is your happiness and surrender, and don’t do anything that feels difficult.

Now top that off with a large dose of personal fantasy, which Abraham heavily endorses, and you’ve got yourselves a willfully ignorant, uninformed, uncritical, head-in-the-clouds populace who think that pleasant emotions are a panacea.

Comfortably Numb

“Stop them from thinking… the ultimate goal of brainwashers.”


So what’s the problem?  Isn’t this just peaceful and Zen.  Isn’t this maybe even spiritual?  As it turns out, encouraging passivity and laziness is a very useful tactic, not for helping Abers create the lives of their dreams, but for manipulating and controlling an uncritical, docile group.

“Encouraging laziness… promotes a passive lifestyle in which the person is a couch-locked bimbo, allowing easier manipulation.”


Think in terms of power dynamics and it doesn’t sound so harmless anymore, like a government teaching its citizens not to notice problems and injustice.  Or a New Age cult convincing its followers that to “feel bad” or “push against” jeopardizes everything they care about.

Not only does this reinforced passiveness impact a person’s relationship to the larger world around them, many Abers are handicapped by this passive philosophy in their personal lives.  They are told they can have anything they can imagine, and all steps will be effortlessly arranged for them.

“Most of the cults teach that life is controlled by other-worldly forces, thus further encouraging passivity.”


From what I have experienced personally and observed in others, instead of pursuing goals meaningfully and tenaciously, an Aber is more likely to focus on manipulating their feelings and beliefs around the goal so they can harness the power of the universe and (they think) effortlessly allow manifestation.

A screenshot from an Abraham-Hicks Facebook group. It’s possible this woman will approach her health goals again with new vigor after taking some time to pull back and feel better. But it is more likely that she has fallen into the passivity trap of trading actual power for feeling “much better about things,” then waiting for circumstances to change.

A Better Way

Using, power is defined as the “ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.”  What is truly upsetting is that Abers care a great deal about their goals, their loved ones, and the condition of the world.  They want to make a big impact, and dare to believe they can do so with the help of Abraham-Hicks.  Yet A-H teaches dogma that ultimately reinforces passivity and dismantles true power, ultimately robs a person of their full ability to act and accomplish.

Speaking of true power, I have been so inspired looking around me during this lead up to our federal elections.  People really care about this country and the elections.  I see it in the form of inspiration, excitement, pride, and rallying together.  And I also see it in the form of fear, anger, and heated arguments. However it shows up, I am just glad people are paying attention and exercising the power they have by being informed and voting–rather than staying home to make appreciation lists and passively think good thoughts as I once did.

Thanks for reading! Comments and discussion are welcome.

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One thought on “Cult Parallels: Abraham-Hicks, Encouraging Laziness and Passivity

  1. I was following the Abraham Hicks for some weeks. As an ex member of a cult when I was on my 20’s. I found many similarities with this Abraham H. Group…
    They are dangerous, they brainwash you and if you do n walk on time also harm you in so many ways.
    We need a video on YouTube warning people

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