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The Abe Forum

Check out comment #3 at this post for a screenshot of the Abe Forum shared by one of our commenters.

Read this very mixed up approach to problem-solving with a sick cat, posted under Success Stories. It illustrates the long and winding subjective processes some Law of Attraction folks will take in an attempt to influence objective reality problems with internal energies. Does this result in being more effective when solving life's problems, or less?

In this archived post, a young woman asks about manifesting the impossible. Does the Abraham-Hicks ideology lead to unlimited, superhuman success on earth? Or does it create a dreamy, head-in-the-clouds following?


Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy by Rose Rosetree - What are the consequences of a belief system? Do New Age teachings bring earthly success like they claim? Author uses energetic literacy to look beneath what's presented on the surface to the level that can't be disguised. Reading the auras of Jerry, Esther, and Abraham, as well as other prosperity teachers and their adherents, what emerges are surprising patterns that reveal the impact of belief systems on the functioning of an individual, plus insight into what does and does not bring success.

Blogs and Articles

David Stone: Author, journalist, and the leading skeptical expert on Abraham-Hicks. This former follower reveals the fallacies within the teachings and the stories behind them. His writing is important for the spiritually-minded and skeptical alike, and a must-read for anyone questioning the Abraham-Hicks Teachings.

15 Reasons You Can’t Trust Esther Hicks or Abraham
Is Esther and Abraham-Hicks a Cult?
Teachings of Abraham Hicks, Are They Really Crazy?
Jerry, Esther and the Abraham-Hicks Scam
Who Are Jerry and Esther Hicks, Where Did They Come From?
Is Esther Hicks Faking?
When Esther Hicks Turns Mean
Mental Toughness and the Law of Attraction - "Mentally strong people will have none of this. A thinking mind doesn't rely on selected facts to justify a belief in magic. Mental toughness gets results or changes approaches. A strong, thinking mind doesn't rely on a guru who claims to get messages directly from God for truth. It seeks it independently, freely and openly.

Cosmic Connie:

Has anybody here seen my old friend Abrascam?
Beautiful daze in the Aber-hood
Abrascam: Followers may fall but the snow must go on

Spirituality is No Excuse:

Abraham-Hicks Scam

Kelly Martin Speaks:

Looking Beyond the Teachings- "After following Abraham Hicks for around 4 years, and a more intensive following in my final year, I decided one day to stop watching Abraham Hicks, reading Abraham Hicks and talking about Abraham Hicks...Something began bothering me nearing the end of my decision making process..."
Are You Addicted to the Teachings? Youtube Video - Kelly Martin openly discusses the impact of the Abraham-Hicks teachings and her decision to stop following them in an honest and down-to-earth video (~10 minutes).

Kyra Speaks and The Abraham Hicks Skeptic - Skeptical and critical thinking blogs, Kyra dissects the bogus predictions, contradictions, and hypocrisies in the Abraham-Hicks material. Features a guest post on "The Road I Travelled with Abraham Hicks" from a woman who worked for Jerry and Esther Hicks for 6 years.

Andrew Wilcox, Pure Evil Incarnate - former follower wakes up to the Abraham-Hicks Teachings as "psychic domination." Recommended reading: What Law of Attraction Teaches, Claw of Attraction (an amusing series of comics), Abraham's Lies, and Psychic Domination  (about how followers of Abraham-Hicks are entering into psychic agreements that allow for domination of their reality).

Post-Abe (Not currently available.  Perhaps one day.)

Cri de Coeur: Why I hate the New Age – a tirade seven years too late - former psychiatrist has observed firsthand the abilities of the individual to transform their personal realities, but skillfully dissects the messages at the core of pseudo-spirituality, illuminates their ineffective and poisonious implications, and places these popular beliefs in cultural context.

Why the Self-Help “Law of Attraction” is Dangerous for Our Mental Health- writer shares his personal experience of Law of Attraction teachings and their potential impact on individuals with mental health difficulties.

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