“Ultimately more harmful than helpful.” My Amazon Review of Abraham-Hicks

“Ultimately more harmful than helpful.” My Amazon Review of Abraham-Hicks

This blog was born after I wrote a long, one-star review of the Abraham-Hicks books on Amazon and realized I still had much more to say.  For you readers that did not find your way here from my review on Amazon, here is the review copied below.  Headings added.

Screenshots of the discussion on Amazon are located here.

A mix of harmful and helpful info from a shady source

These teachings do seem great and feel great at first, but eventually I found them harmful, not helpful. A word to the wise, if something seems too good to be true: IT IS.

I was thoroughly committed to these teachings for 5 years. It took me on an emotional high. I felt that my life was amazing and felt I knew the secrets of the universe. This is mainly what this book does: tells you all good news and teaches you to manipulate your mood so you feel good about everything and deny anything negative.

That’s why it has all the rave reviews. Drugs would get rave reviews too if we didn’t know any better!

So, does it work? It is a dangerous mix of helpful and harmful information. I know that I felt better and more empowered than ever, which tends to happen when you buy into a philosophy that says you are all-powerful, there is never any reason to feel bad, and you must feel good to get everything you want. Lies can lead to positive change, can they not? The A-H material does promote self-worth, self-efficacy, a better outlook, considering what you want in life, etc.

Some of the results I experienced were genuine shifts because of my more expanded thinking plus being in better touch with myself and believing in myself. But a lot of the results were emotional hype, temporary, ultimately unhelpful, and not based in truth.

A lot of the results were emotional hype, temporary, ultimately unhelpful, and not based in truth.

There are so many other avenues to an improved life, and I strongly recommend those that are not rife with falsehoods like the ones sprinkled liberally throughout the Abraham-Hicks ideology.

First of all, this information is being channeled from an unknown source. Abers don’t care, they are fiercely in love with Abraham and think that they know everything they need to know by listening to beautiful words that fill them with hope and love and excitement. Now that I am no longer brainwashed, I can’t believe how naive I was. Emotions can be manipulated. Feeling good and right about something is not the highest level of truth or wisdom.

Intense positive emotion can have a positive domino effect in your life for awhile, but it doesn’t mean the idea that made you feel good was pure truth and goodness.

Please take care of where information is coming from. Don’t romanticize entities as perfect, all-knowing, or all-loving. Only God is those things, so unless you foolishly believe Abraham is God, then take care to keep your wits about you just as you would if a charismatic human being was preaching to you. So who is Abraham? Abraham may describe himself as something like “leading edge, nonphysical group consciousness.”

But really, who is Abraham? An astral entity. Period. He can get away with saying whatever he wants because most people cannot even begin to verify the information! It’s all just vague and nice sounding, and people eat it up because they don’t know any better. “Channeled” does not actually mean pure or honest or better or without an agenda. It simply means… channeled!

My life seemed unique through my special Law of Attraction filter, but it was no different from regular life

“Channeled” does not actually mean pure or honest or better or without an agenda. It simply means… channeled!

As for so-called “manifesting,” during my Abrahaze I was over-the-moon to find the perfect item in a store, get a great parking space, find a nice apartment, have an inspiring conversation with a stranger, or come across a solution to some problem I’d been having: I was psyched to experience literally ANY synchronicity or “manifestation” as they were all signs of my specially cultivated “point of attraction.”

After my Abrahaze, I realized that this is just normal life. Synchronicity happened before and still happens now, solutions present themselves, people ask questions and the answers show up, just without the special story behind it. When you attach magical thinking and look for meaning in every experience, you find meaning whether it’s there or not. It reminds me of that time my family member had a psychotic episode and was finding secret meaning encoded in every event and item. That’s what Abraham-Hicks taught me to do is see normal life through a special lens of magic and manifestation.

When I finally stopped to look around, however, my life was just NOT any different from anyone else’s. I became practiced in thinking and feeling in a different way, but the life that is promised never came to be. My inner life was pumped up, but my outer life remained a “mixed bag” of “manifestations,” and was utterly comparable to everyone else’s life. If these teachings were presented as an emotional experience instead of a way to worldly success then–well, it sure wouldn’t have a huge following, but it would be more honest. Instead it caused me problems.

Problems: Denial and ineffective attempts at problem-solving

–I was in denial about what was really going on in my life. Abraham teaches not to acknowledge reality but to focus on reality as you’d like it to be. I became way over-subjective about everything and gave more weight to the landscape of my inner life than to things that were really going on. This is thoroughly encouraged, but it is not effective nor does it change actual reality. Do you think the most successful people in the world really think this way—all about their emotions, exclusively subjective, purposely blind and delusional? I don’t.

–I did not deal with things in normal, effective ways. Instead I tried to use my mind and emotions to “attract” it. For instance, rather than set boundaries or end unequal friendships with people who used me, I focused on all the aspects I liked about these people. I wrote about great friendships. I chose to see only the positive and really FEEL it… This was supposedly changing my “vibration” rather than resisting so that only great friendships could be a part of my life experience. No, of course this did not work. Now imagine using that tactic in every area of your life!

Problems:  Brainwashed into believing and constantly going back for more

–I spent 5 years in this weird, brainwashed head space where nothing amazing was actually happening even though I believed it was. When I check in with other Abers who are still holding tight to their dreams, I see the same thing: it’s all happening on the inside not in actual human life.

It’s all happening on the inside not in actual human life.

–When reality attempted to slip in, I would run back to this book, youtube videos, the Abe Forum, the Abraham meditations… Anything to keep me so-called “on track.” This is very common amongst dedicated Abers. From inside the Abrahaze it feels like you’re doing the fine work of being a “deliberate creator” and staying powerfully focused. Now that I’m on the other side, I say it’s more like keeping oneself brainwashed.

–It led me to attempting to create and sustain emotional highs as often as possible. That is not wisdom, guys. I would liken this ideology to using drugs: avoid reality, chase highs, learn how to soothe (numb) your negative emotion. Emotional and self mastery is one thing, what A-H teaches is something else entirely.

Problems:  Dissonance, mixed up emotional functioning, plus misplaced responsibility when the teachings fail

–It created a lot of inner frustration and denial in me because I was not spontaneously feeling my authentic emotions. Also, you can’t look away from the truth, choose to make up your own truth, and not register the dissonance of that deep down. I can now see this dissonance, frustration, and strain so clearly in the people I know who are still Abers.

–If the teachings aren’t working for you, it’s YOUR fault. It’s because you weren’t able to resist the ultimate vibration-destroying act of noticing that nothing is happening. It’s because your point-of-attraction was not where you thought it was. It’s because you weren’t actually feeling as good as you thought you were. Abers themselves reinforce this amongst each other and point out possible areas where you’re holding resistance or not “doing the work.” The flaws of the teachings themselves are never responsible, of course.

–It taught me that emotions are my guidance system, but not in the normal, actually helpful way. Instead our emotional guidance is skewed by Abraham-Hicks into a system for measuring how true something is: If the thought makes us feel good then it’s supposedly a true, worthwhile thought that is aligned with Source… Therefore Abraham’s good-feeling words that we desperately want to believe in must be true–convenient! But this actually dismantles a person’s built-in emotional protection, like telling Spiderman that his spidey senses–rather than informing him that something is not right—actually indicate that he ought to reach for jollier thoughts.

Your basic, very human, very complex emotions get removed from their true context and become something to constantly steer around in pursuit of pleasing manifestations.

And according to A-H, our emotions indicate what we are manifesting: Good feelings mean good manifestations, bad feelings mean unwanted manifestations.

So your basic, very human, very complex emotions get removed from their true context and become something to constantly steer around in pursuit of pleasing manifestations. This is such a misuse of emotion that it is confusing to a person at a very basic level and scrambles our intuition, critical thinking, and authentic experience. Not to mention that the Law of Attraction is not in fact operating based on your mood!

Problems:  Superiority, willful ignorance, social distance, and backwards advice

–This philosophy is so simplistic and claims to explain every facet of the world. Abers love this because people want to believe that they understand everything that happens in their lives, other people’s lives, and the world at large. Abers can’t help but feel special and superior because they supposedly know how everything works. Again, this is not wisdom.

–It taught me to avert my eyes from things going on in the world. The world does (believe it or not) contain problems, but A-H teaches that everything is perfect and to look at problems means making them worse. So Abers feel very noble. They believe they are keeping the world at its best by simply turning the other cheek and feeling good. I’d like to survey people who have made the world a better place and see if this anesthetized approach was their secret to progress!

–It isolated me from other people: I felt like I knew more than non-Abers, plus I didn’t want to waste any time talking about normal subjects in non-Abraham-like ways. After all, it could increase my resistance, make me feel something less than good, and mess up my vibration and my manifestations!

–Abers give terrible advice that seems brilliant only if you are an Aber! Husband is cheating on you? Work on your vibration because he could not have done this unless it was in your vibration. Addicted to alcohol? Take the path of least resistance, which might be continuing to drink. And what is an Aber’s measure of success to know if this advice helped them? If they feel renewed optimism, inspiration, and relief.

These teachings appeal to those of us who really, really, really, really want to believe that the world works this way: short-cuts, effortlessness, everything you could ever want, a perfect world, no pain, no reason to ever feel bad. This book is full of sweet lies made to sound like the deepest wisdom and made to resonate with the part of us that wants it to be so. Believing harder does not make it so. Having a large, brainwashed fan base also does not make it so.

Creating superstitious followers using truths, half-truths, and lies that blind

–Having come out the other side, I can now see how perfectly all of Abraham’s concepts twist around each other to create an ideology that sustains itself despite being false. It is intoxicating to us. It incorporates spiritual truths that resonate deeply and make us feel like we have found something we have been missing. But it also incorporates pleasing lies that tempt us deeper and deeper into a false belief system.

We are told that the more we believe, the better things will be for us, so we indoctrinate OURSELVES into believing fully. We squash any “resistance” and critical thinking (and thus our natural warning system) that could mess up our manifestations. We are trained to look for the evidence everywhere in order to improve our results, so we enthusiastically count every positive occurrence as proof and erroneously accept full responsibility for the negative or neutral results too. We are not controlling every circumstance, life is simply happening and we interpret it in terms of ourselves (**I recommend you google “illusion of control”).

If we don’t get the results, our recourse is to focus more, hype ourselves up more, reinforce the false beliefs more. And we repeatedly return to Abraham for the key to making this unworkable system work, and all he does is talk circles around every question, repeat the same unworkable concepts, and fool us into believing that feeling happy is the real success. There is so much manipulation here, but when we internally consent to believe it for the sake of a better life, we accept this ideology as wisdom and truth and uncritically drink it all in.

It incorporates spiritual truths that resonate deeply and make us feel like we have found something we have been missing. But it also incorporates pleasing lies that tempt us deeper and deeper into a false belief system.

As for life after A-H, suffice it to say that the truth is always better than lies in the end, and my life has improved on the inside AND the outside. The inner tension from living in such an unnatural state has lifted. I don’t manipulate my mood or dream up fantasies and mistake it for accomplishment. My personal evolution is faster and more authentic without the distorted spiritual beliefs. And I am not handicapping my success in life by over-emphasizing emotional energy in a world that is so much more than that.

Not the path to a stronger, healthier relationship with yourself and the world

I strongly recommend looking for inspiration elsewhere if you care about actual success, truth, and real evolution as a human being and soul. These are not just books, they are an entire belief system, and I do not recommend this belief system for people who are serious about their spiritual growth. These teachings are deceptive and illusory. You will feel all-powerful and tapped into great wisdom, but you will be more confused than ever. Avoid the Abraham-Hicks materials, even if you are not planning on getting really deep into this. After all, would you draw water from a contaminated well or sip a drink with poison in it?

I also recommend forgetting about trying to “manifest.” I doubt that the most successful people in the world are bothering with the sort of content in these books. In fact I believe that they have reinforced completely different circuits inside themselves than those that A-H will help you reinforce. A-H reinforces circuits that will make you LESS effective, not more.

And for anyone reading this who is currently a committed Aber, consider the simplest explanation for why your stuff hasn’t arrived (you know the stuff I mean). If reading this makes you feel bad, it is not because you’re separating yourself from the knowledge of your inner being, it’s because sometimes the truth just doesn’t feel good. You are living on Earth, after all, not in heaven.

Screenshots of the discussion at Amazon have been posted here.

Thanks for reading! Comments and discussion are welcome.

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27 thoughts on ““Ultimately more harmful than helpful.” My Amazon Review of Abraham-Hicks

  1. OMG. What I just went through with these people. (abeforum, where they follow the “law” of abrahams aka Esther Hicks teachings.

    I think they are a cult. And really creepy. I wish I had someone to really share it with. They did ban me, it had to be. My belief system is too incompatible with theirs. They don’t believe in people making their own judgements. They think being real, honest about your feelings is actually a problem. I can’t even think of how I went along with such people for so long. And my life has been so painful, I’ve been sick for so long following these people. Its a shame. I had to get better, and part of getting better was literally reclaiming my brain from the noxious concepts that there is some authority outside of me that could tell me to suspend my emotions and my thoughts and focus on what they say, and thats somehow helpful. wow. what a trip its been. I can’t wait to plaster the internet with screenshots of how absolutely mean and anti logic they are.

    Esthers Hicks, says she is channeling 100 or more spirits, including her deceased husband, and she goes around encouraging people to believe everything they get in life is strictly due to them. And that they don’t owe anyone anything, ever. And that the truth is just a thought you keep thinking, and that’s what makes up reality. Facts are just your thoughts that you kept repeating to yourself.

    Apparently, in one of their books they mention a chain of pain, that you don’t want to be part of. Because if a hurt person hurts you then you should get over it. But strangely, or not so strangely, there is no chain of pleasure, where you are simply receiving the good graces of your parents care, roads already built, people holding doors for you. No. Theres no chain of pleasure. You don’t owe anyone anything. You can’t really give them a gift, because they are doing it themselves. Your Good will means NOTHING to no one but yourself. Evil, is just reaching for alignment, so evil intentions, are just people trying to feel better!

    But, Esther Hicks message is so fluid, that she will probably read this and one of her 101 personalities will say something like it later on. Then again, shes so die hard against charity, holding people accountable, so maybe not.

    Apparently the “chain of pleasure” (my term) actually weakens people. Everything is just you alone. Yes, it was you who fed yourself as a baby, and you who punched yourself in the nose in 6th grade. Its bad for you to blame the bully, and bad for you to thank your mother. No one is accountable. As Esther Hicks receives your money, she doesn’t owe you any honesty or a coherent message.

    Esther Hicks style is parasitic. You get to enjoy the fruit of others labor while claiming it is your own, and like wise, you are NOT to correct wrong doers, after all, they are only reaching for alignment. So what kind of world is that?

    1. Wow Gigi, can I ever relate. A huge congratulations to you on reclaiming your brain. And oh yes, the Abe forum: brains OFF, Gospel of Abraham ON.

      Regarding the message being so fluid—how convenient to build in as many “get out of jail free” cards as needed. Abraham gets to backtrack, contradict, redesign, and tack new things onto the message, and then call it actively co-creating on the leading edge of thought.

      Even if these teachings did have the best intentions for its followers, they twist and dilute reality, integrity, compassion, and authenticity (and Abers follow it without discrimination believing it is absolute Truth). What kind of world is that, indeed.

      Thank you for your great comments here. If you do set up screenshots or writing of any sort, please be sure to let me know so I can add you to my Links page.

      1. Will Do

        I’m going to share screen shot of the post that got me banned from the abeforum.

        This post was NOT allowed on the abeforum. Its a hyperlink to imgur further down.
        I hope people read it and think about what it is that is so objectionable about that post, that it had to be deleted, and I banned. I say it was this particular post that got me banned, because it was my most recent post and it was deleted. -Deleted- I’m sure people who don’t believe meanness is a problem, will have no problem lying and saying it was for another reason.

        I just want to add a little note, I was very angry when I made a post before the one that got me banned, saying “watch him combust”, in reference to her misbehaving coworker. I feel sort of bad
        about that. Initially, I’d made a longer more thoughtful post, but then I realized sharing that sort of personal detail, and that level of openness on this forum might be something I should stop doing. So I deleted it in frustration, and just made that smart alec remark.

        But when I saw the moderators post, I said, I have to respond. Because this is just more invalidation and telling people they can’t use their judgement. Which believe me, invalidating yourself and feeling you can’t trust your own judgement is not helpful to anyone except people who want to harm you or profit from your insecurity.

        The screenshot does contain personal notations about how I feel about the moderator and abe in general. And it is not pretty. But not profane. And I blocked out peoples usernames, though the blurred pictures might give an idea of who is speaking.


        I’ve hosted it on imgur. I don’t have a website or anything.

        Law Of Attraction has existed before Esther Hicks. (although she unsuccessfully attempted to use the legal system to force others to defer to her if they want to use the term) A previously free term, you might get from a book in the library, or used bookstore.

        She failed, at trying to block others, or force to have others defer to her over a free resource.
        She failed at claiming it as her own.

        She failed at taking something, that she did not create, and claiming it as her own.

        She absolutely failed, using the system of law, which forcibly physically penalizes people, to wrest a resource from the people, surely with purpose of marketing and barring others from use, a term, that was freely known before she came along.

        She failed at taking something she did not create, and using it to either silence or charge people for its use. She failed at using an action journey, and a legal resource, to over power others, and take what does not belong to her, so that she could charge for it.

        She failed at taking a free thing that she did not create, and charging you for its use. lol I’m so repetitive, but I don’t think people get this. I know I didn’t until I really wrote it down.

        Abraham-Hicks failed, to use the law, to snap up a free resource, charge or prevent or regulate other peoples use of it. She failed at being able to -fine or jail- people who use it.

        If the resource is really worth a certain amount, people could literally have been jailed. Like with the whole movie copyright thing.

        The law and good judgement won, against her, them, it, whatever.
        THIS TIME. The people won – this time.

        (I said all that, again and again, so that people can better understand exactly whats at stake here. Where someone who professes that villains and victims, are simply on the same wavelength

        and there is no wrong or right goes around teaching other people how to live. ..

        What is at stake when this is okay?
        And its wrong to judge the abusers?
        **Is it wrong to take whats not yours, and then sell it to people?**

        Victims had it coming???
        Does this make it right??
        If someone tricks you, and you were feeling like a victim already, does that make it right?)

        I haven’t read any new thought books which pushed the issue that there is no wrong or right. Or that you shouldn’t trust or use your judgement. This is the NEW part of the message that Esther, brings to the table. This is what she adds to LOA. I don’t think she could trademark/copywrite that, or would want to admit that is the main difference.

        I even read a “new thought/positivity/loa type” book where the person kept talking about what is possible, and then in the end they mentioned, paraphrasing,

        “Who knows what the real limitations are, perhaps there is someone in his basement right now, flapping his arms like crazy, trying to grow wings to fly, and perhaps this is how evolution happens.” They inferred anything is possible.

        -unlike Esther Hicks, they did not feverishly insist the wildest possibilities were real and would happen to them and talk people out of their sound judgement.

        So, the old teachers also stretched the boundaries, but they did not insist on turning against reality and personal judgement.

        She also insists that the hitting a brick wall at so and so miles per hour, is somehow a natural thing -when you feel really really good- you hit resistance.(resistance is painful events, emotions/life problems) You are supposed to feel super terrible.

        I disagree. If you truly feel good, you over come obstacles more easily. The hitting the brick wall thing has to do with pushing against reality so hard, then when a reality check comes, it hurts.

        There is no, you were so high flying, you couldn’t tolerate any resistance. No, it was a reality check. You denied reality for so long when it finally caught up with you, you felt bad.

        Very disempowering to reframe reality checks as meaningless.

        Also, I can see that she uses a kind of “shock and awe” tactic to snap people out of what they believe, even if she is the one who told them to believe it though her books etc.

        So, the person asks a question, then she shocks them out of what they think they know, then she awes them with a supposedly sublime answer, which always is supposed to feel revolutionary.

        I think the moderator was trying this technique, but the moderators do not have Esther’s charm. So it just comes across as abrasive. I think to a lot of people who are not desensitized, may find Esther’s manner abusive, or at least abrasive and rude and invalidating. But thats her secret, mixing in enough truth with the other stuff so you keep coming back. Just had to get that out. Thank you for allowing me to post this here!

  2. I didn’t mean to imbed that into your blog. I’m still figuring out imgur. Its clickable though. 2 or 3 clicks and it will become pretty big. I was so surprised to see it there, sorry if its in the wrong place. oops


  3. Funnily enough, I still believe in loa, but it seems Esther’s has concentrated all of the messages of loa that are objectionable and useless. Plus added, no thinking allowed.

    For me, law of attraction is mastered when you can take action, do the thing, then give yourself a credit for your intentions, no matter how it turns out. Giving yourself credit for your intentions, and then allowing, not Esther style “forced allowing”, but genuinely letting yourself feel good and feel connected with your intentions and satisfied with your efforts. Letting yourself feel the way you want to feel, knowing you did your best, and having the feeling that the door is open, good things can come, thats it.

    I’ve seen what feels like “magic” doing that. But with Esther Hick’s technique. You wont get there, unless you already have such a strong grasp on self trust and self validation and self empathy. Because if you don’t already feel good and reject abuse, she will talk you into accepting all sorts of bad things. If you don’t have a strong grasp and whats right for you, you may even quit your job etc. I know there are people who did quit their jobs because of her.

    I can see how her philosophy would appeal to those who are criminal, or morally deficient, or are victims or for some reason feel completely helpless. Because it gives the criminal/deficient type a free pass, and the helpless sort, a chance to feel they can get themselves together despite having no external recourse. Maybe a helpless person only feels the changes they have access to are on the inside. And you know, I’m not against that person making those changes either. Intentions do matter. Feelings do matter. I do believe ‘Where there is a will there is a way”. – Because its encouraging. And I believe, encouragement works. It does matter how you feel.

    But she is not really about finding a path to your dreams, or forum that seems to advertise only her products would probably better reflect that. she had the first 3 steps, now she has 4 and 5? Its about selling a product. The abeforum doesn’t advertise anyone else workshops, cruises or allow linking to non official abe hicks stuff. Only hers. I think she is more connected to the forum than she lets on.

    But that sort of behavior is in alignment with her teachings. Because lies are simply ways to feel better. I feel kind of sad that I was so duped. And people have known this stuff for years. I feel an urge to just keep posting my experience as a response to her being so prolific. Its wrong what she is doing.

  4. Gigi/Gaily, I still shake my head at how duped I was, and it’s been a couple years. I read an article somewhere about gurus, and how one telling sign of a false guru is if they leave a trail of ex-followers that are ANGRY and feel like they have been fooled. Check and check.

    At least those of us who are disillusioned can help bring other people to their senses. In my Abrahaze I ignored any wrongdoing because otherwise I thought I was making it bigger in the world and bringing it into my own life as well. Another lie. And a very effective means of control. So by all means, speak up, repeat yourself, point out that the emperor’s not wearing clothes.

    Thank you for the screenshot. I aim to add that to the links page and/or feature it on a post about the Abe Forum, just give me some time. I am surprised (but not sure why I’m surprised) that that got you banned and was deleted. The Abe Forum reminds me of one of those false utopias like in sci fi books and movies where it looks good on the surface but there is censorship, suppression, and a creepy demand for conformity going on underneath it all.

    I believe in the Law of Attraction as well, but not in the way that it has become popularized. And I don’t think about it much in my life or try to use it as a technique. But I love that there are ex-Abers coming from every perspective: those who still believe in LOA, those still into spirituality, those who believe Esther is channeling and those who don’t, skeptics, total atheists, people who are not sure where they stand but they know it’s not with Abraham-Hicks. No one has to agree on anything, but I like that we can all agree that “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

  5. I am not an Aber nor I ever will be but I have read a few books and I have found it interesting.

    The concept of the “Law of Attraction”, unfortunately, is distorted like in so many other teachings taking out of a greater concept.

    I have studied the 7 Principles which the LOA is only one part of them.

    That been said it I always asking myself why people are so in need to have a GURU in their lives and why they stop thinking for themselves and therefore will getting brainwashed.

    I don’t know you and I only can conclude from your article where I certainly see that you have stopped thinking in those 5 years and took everything Abraham teaches as a core value and an absolute truth.

    I do channel since 1992 with higher beings also called “Spiritual Teachers” which always encourage the person who is asking to see for themselves if the answer given to them does resonate with them.

    Those spiritual teachers will never “force” anyone to follow them blindly nor will they condemn anyone who chooses otherwise.
    In other words, the “power” is and will be always in your hands.

    We all do have a “personal power” and it is up to us if we are ready to acknowledge that we either giving this power away or we using it to better our lives.

    No one ever can and will take this decision away from you.

    I will give you a link where you can read more about the 7 Principles, those Principles are thousand of years old so not belong to any New Age movement.

    The LOA, actually being called, “Cause and Effect”, is only one of these Principles.


    I wish you always a great success and all the best to you.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thank you for the comment, and also for the link! I have not browsed through it yet, however, I can say I agree that Law of Attraction is only one principle. I have found there to be an imbalance in most Law of Attraction teachings I’ve come across that says the world only functions on this single idea. I agree with your words that some teachers have distorted it.

      Regarding channeling, it sounds like all is well with your spiritual teachers, though there are opportunistic entities that will take the power they can get and, not being perfected beings, may or may not have a lot of integrity. That is certainly no comment on your path, as you seem to have it all in perspective and are probably doing well. It is just that many a spiritual seeker will assume that smarts aren’t needed when it comes to spirituality, as if discernment is only necessary for other flesh and blood human beings but not astral entities or spiritual paths.

      And a last note, as I noticed you specified that *I* stopped thinking during my period of involvement: this is a problem with the teachings is that they lead to this extreme for any enthusiast. I see it in my Abraham friends/family, as well this effect has been noted by others in comments on my Amazon reviews. You can read more at this blog post if you are interested: http://responsiblespirituality.com/cult-parallels-unquestioning-commitment-to-the-abraham-hicks-leader-and-ideology/

  6. wow! i wrote a reply then started reading comments and i’m lost for words and deleted it – so much bitterness and obsessive thinking! ( do you have dismissive avoidant attachement issues i wonder?)
    I think bottom line is that you just not getting it, and the reason for that is because you are not taking responsibility for yourself and seek to blame others for your subsequent lack of success (and after 5 years – that’s a remarkable lack of success if you still don’t ‘get it’).
    Good luck though – i hope you find the teacher that works for you… there are plenty of them out there!

    1. Hi Mel.

      Oh dear, “dismissive avoidant attachment issues?” No, I do not have those. If you are reading bitterness and obsessive thinking in the above post, it’s probably because it was my first crack at explaining the damage I experienced through this ideology, and there was a lot I had to say. It’s a good thing I did, because I have received a lot of feedback from grateful others that can back up what I’ve written here.

      I wish you had expanded somewhat on your thoughts so I could reply, but thanks anyway for the comments on my “remarkable lack of success,” and good luck to you as well.

    2. Oh my god mel your comment is sarcastic. More than 90 percent fails at the law of attraction and all i can say is law of attraction is not the secret to success, it is not the only solution, in fact you do not need it. Tell the same cynism to billorionares who succeeded before law of attraction was even popular.
      Your just a basket of sarcasm.

  7. Thank you for this important. Like others I dabbled in these teachings but they just didn’t add up to me. A face value they appear so positive and truthful but not in practice. I am really concerned about the narcissistic aspect to this kind of thing and the shallow message. People have been doing what “feels good” since time began and look at the world. At the risk of sounding flippant in my response, I read most of the Hicks books and watched hours of the clips and still it did not add up. I am concerned that people will become obsessed with their thoughts. And to be healthy, you really have to experience your full range of emotions and not attempt to suppress the more “negative” one for fear of attracting a bad experience. I don’t know whether Esther Hicks is a fraud but how can we know if she is channelling Jesus when others are claiming to be, and imparting a different message? I doubt if Jesus was or is as shallow as that. The guilt these kinds of teachings inspire is cause for concern too. People feel responsible for atrocious experiences that they basically do not have control over. How can this kind of message help a rape victim, somebody in a difficult domestic situation or a very serious illness? And what of those whose brain chemicals hinder them from “finding a good feeling thought”, are they doomed to experience bad things? Would God really be so shallow as to create an intricate, ordered universe with such a shallow premise at it’s heart? I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings Like you, Responsible Spirituality, I would encourage people to be more critical of this kind of thing. It may chime with you but it ultimately appeals to selfish human nature.

    1. PureHeart – thank you for taking the time to respond. Great point that people have been doing what feels good since time began! And I very much agree with the other important problems you illuminated: the narcissistic and shallow aspect of this premise, obsession with thoughts, fear of bringing negative experiences down upon one’s head, and on and on. Thanks again for the insightful comment.

  8. Thank you so much for this thoughtful, insightful, well-written piece. I only drank the Kool-aid for about 6 weeks, but trying to feel good felt like it was SO MUCH WORK. But if it feels like work, then I’m trying too hard??

    I still believe in magic — I call synchronous things “magic”, and I still see synchronicity. Unlike you, I never did believe in a God, nor do I now. I do believe that a higher self is with me, guiding me (when I can hear or feel it) into doing normally unlikely things which result in extraordinarily positive consequences for others. And it has literally saved my life on at least one occasion. (12 years old. Train tracks. Enough said.)

    Here’s the contradiction I didn’t see you mention in your review/post that I never could shake: If we came here to experience physical reality, what sense does it make to then tell us we meant to come here to IGNORE physical reality, and/or to effect changes on the physical plane mostly with our thoughts? What the hell?!

    1. Great comment, thanks Karen. I assume it is somewhat common for those of us who are aware of some form of underlying magic/intuition/synchronicity in life to initially resonate with Law of Attraction teachings. It makes it harder to pick out what’s NOT true when there’s enough in LOA that jives with an individual’s intuition and experience. Good for you for your less-than-2-months stint.

      Brilliantly described contradiction in the last paragraph! So important! And it’s one of the key aspects of “responsible spirituality” as far as I’m concerned. Learn to be human, on earth. Not an angel trying to experience heaven or bypass earth-life via superhuman mental energy or whatever else. There are threads of that sentiment elsewhere at this blog, perhaps most notably in the post/comments here.

  9. Hi !! I don’t know if you still use this page or not but I just wanna say thank you so much for existing haha , I am 17 and started to listen to Abraham for like 5 months but when I do anything I go all the way . I go hard that’s just the way I am , and maybe because of that I was able to feel and see the fallacy in it early on and it took a great deal of pain til I had to let it all go and see what was happening . I’m so glad to freely feel negative emotion again and empathy and just like a normal healthy human . Emotional well being is not rejecting or eliminating negative emotion it’s learning to work with it and be ok with it . You honestly can’t even control your emotions or thoughts I tried so hard it sucked ass , I’m still a little shaken from time to time because you really do brainwash yourself for hours on end . I stopped listening maybe like a month or so ago and tell me why I’m happier now ??? haha , anyway I was curious to see if I was the only one and was extreamly happy I wasn’t . Realizing that Abrahams teaching was just one way of seeing the world and not a very healthy one and that’s it was painful but I love that I understand the value of pain and that life will always suck sometimes and that’s ok , a book that really shook me up was mark mansons “the subtle art of not giving a fuck ” I highly reccomend . But yeah I’m still ‘recovering’ lol I guess you could say from such a vibrant illusion of chasing highs and ” happiness is all you need ” bullshit . But I’m so much more emotionally stable and understanding than ever before . It feels good to be , like , human again . Negative emotion is really what makes us human and I wouldent give that up for the world now . It’s not only necessary but beneficial. Also how can you trust an entity that has no experience with negative emotion ? It’s just kinda weird . I kinda joke about it and say I was in a cult haha but it’s just crazy to like see how naïve you can be . It’s funny because since then I have created the habit of doubt , questioning . You could even say I’m a healthy skeptic . You know something totally unacceptable in those teachings and my life is so much better . I feel like myself again . Content , silly , typical normal angsty teen (; with no shame in being that way . I used to admire ” positivity ” in others but now I admire others who feel any type of way and are cool w it . Anyways thank you . I LOVE YOU I just felt like saying that haha bye

    1. Hi Izzy. I know we’ve communicated a bit but I didn’t want to leave this comment posted here without a reply. Just want to say thanks again for sharing your wisdom. This comment puts a smile on my face and delivers impressive insight way beyond your chronological age. Best of luck to you in the recovery process and beyond!

  10. I’ve loved all of your articles, but this one really says it all. My intuition was (IS!) my superpower. And these teachings helped me pervert my connection to it/understanding of it. “Source is never guiding you away from something unwanted”… Is that so?? Good to know that the uneasiness I felt in my gut around certain people meant that my thoughts about them were out of alignment with those of Source. Actually, IN REALITY, they turned out to be malignant narcissists, which my gut KNEW, long before there was any evidence/manifestation to point to. And oh boy, what a manifestation there eventually was! But see, Abe even has THIS inevitable situation covered- “If you think there’s a monster in the bushes next to you- move”. They go on to say this is guidance being filtered through your resistance, because if you didn’t have so much resistance, that “monster” would’ve never gotten anywhere near you, and you would’ve just been guided to rendezvous only with things that made you feel good. No!! We are human, living amongst other humans, not fluffy bunny rabbits and puppies. You WANT those alarm bells to ring! And to be aware of what it means!

    1. All so true, Angelina. Thank you for commenting. The twisting and denial of intuition is such a harmful aspect to be sure. My way of seeing other people and protecting myself was very mixed up, and there were MANY painful and confusing results from that. I was learning the opposite of what I needed to learn in order to be strong, firm, mature, and wise. Funny how trying to live in that false fluffy-bunny-puppy world only leads to weakening oneself and one’s instincts! And exactly right about the tricky fail-safes within A-H. Another rule or explanation gets pulled out so that ever mess LOA gets people into is always, always the individual’s fault.

  11. Hi all!

    Found this site when looking for A-H opinion on a specific subject.

    I listened to A-H a lot when I wasn’t doing that well a couple of years ago and it helped me. Then I stopped and now I listen to his videos from time to time.

    I read the article above as well as the comments below. Don’t have black and white opinion on none of the above.

    I’ve experienced disillusion with A-H theory, as the article states it, but after the disillusion I kind of came to the conclusion that it is me who wants to understand the information that Abraham gives in a magical way.

    When I think about the theory Abraham gives, I kind of agree with a lot they say. I think they are speaking from a very distant point of view and I guess to them the world really must seem like what they are describing to us.

    As mentioned in one of the comments, me too, I still believe in the LOA, simply because I had experienced its workings way before I came in contact with A-H’s teachings. Going general seems a valid concept to me, moving up the emotional scale seems a valid concept to me, not focusing on the negativity seems valid concept to me, momentum, meditation, …

    The dangers of A-H philosophy are mainly in the way we can understand it. A-H actually describes processes that we already use automatically in our daily lives, they are just trying to make us conscious about it. The disilllusionement often comes because we take this information as something otherworldly which will save us from our pain, misery and all sorts of other life problems. At least that’s how I view my disillusionements with A-H material. For example: you cannot simply think of a thought and will it into being, although this is what one can conclude is needed according to A-H. But what is needed is also momentum and you cannot manifest something you don’t really desire, meaning it must come from your heart. Only the things you truly desire from your heart are you willing to focus upon for a long enough time to then act upon the desire and actually manifest it. Not every fleeting thought. I also believe not everyone actually desires things they “want”. Sometimes our wants are forced, because we think we have to have certain material things (are conditioned by society, neighbours, commercials …).

    What was poisonous for me in the whole thing was the way the teachings are conveyed. Too much happy fluffy talk. Too idealistic. As they say, we have the hands in the clay, and we do, WE do, not they. We actually know how the clay feels and have to find a way to channel our inner beings / voices but in a way that can be translated into physical reality and you know what: it doesn’t not always feel delicios to us, even when it doesn’t feel negative. Sometimes it just is, nothing special or we feel some satisfaction after some focused effort. And we sure don’t need some non-physical entity to explain us how to feel. I think they don’t have our perspective, they don’t know how it really feels when we’re here. The matter has some burden, even if it is a means for us to express ourselves, but it sure brings us down by default in comparison to what they feel above in the ethers.

    I cannot know 100% that A-H’s intentions are 100% pure. They seem valid, but also are easy to be misinterpreted because the other side lacks our perspective and fails to convey the information in a way that would be easier to understand for us correctly. I would advise people to drop any philosophy that doesn’t serve them in life, including A-H. The focus must be on this physical life, on the daily life with philosophy only in the back of our mind to guide us when the guidance is needed. I think the disillusionment comes when we give way more focus on the philosophy than is needed and not enough on the daily/ physical life.

    Hope the rant conveys my stance on the subject. Am willing to debate concrete examples.

  12. It’s the end of 2018, and I’ve been thinking about the past year as we head into the next one. I started having a terrible year around May and for a while turned to Abraham-Hicks for inspiration/uplifting. Like you, I felt better for a bit, but the more I listened to Esther, the more questions started creeping in and the worse I started feeling. While there are a few good things to take away from the LOA movement (which probably work for reasons different than the ones they give), overall I found it harmful:

    * Too many inconsistencies–is it that Esther is channeling so many different entities, or that Esther is filtering their advice through her own experience and perhaps wishful thinking? Is she even actually channeling?
    * Kindness, empathy, doing for others = all bad. Enough said about that.
    * Esther’s/Abe’s advice is rarely realistic (do nothing, wait for inspiration, go bathe in the sea, etc.). Not everyone is a millionaire, and most people have to work.
    * Victim blaming: abused children, Holocaust victims, people killed in 9/11… all their fault. Right.
    * Violent criminals, corrupt politicians, et al = just fine, no worse than anyone else. It’s OUR fault for how we see them, and if we would just look at them with love, everything would work out okay. Sure.
    * No one is allowed an opinion different to Abe’s. Abe knows everything.
    * There’s always a reason why what people want isn’t manifesting: there’s a “wobble” in their vibration, they aren’t as positive as they think they are, the universe is holding off for something better, they don’t really want what they think they want, etc. There’s never any possibility that any law other than the LOA is at play. It’s like studying physics and thinking gravity is the only force in the universe.
    * Using quantum mechanics to explain the LOA. Quantum decoherence says that quantum states cannot be extrapolated to a larger field because they fall apart.
    * Bad stuff manifests almost instantly when you have a negative vibration, but for some reason good stuff takes forever when your vibration is just as strong in the other direction. Hmmm…
    * There are no realities except good realities. Climate change? Doesn’t exist. Evil? No such thing.
    * God/Source/the universe has great love for us. The LOA is not punishment. But when we are in a bad place psychologically and thinking negative thoughts, the universe sends MORE of that, in effect, kicking us when we are down. This doesn’t just happen to people who understand the emotional scale, who could theoretically use the response of the universe as feedback. It happens to people who have no idea about the emotional scale, including infants and children. Where is the love in any of that? Kinda seems like punishment to me.

    Although at first the LOA feels really self-empowering, ultimately it becomes the opposite. You are to blame when anything bad happens to you, but when you want something good? You have to wait for an external locus of control, this mystical LOA (the origins of which Abe can never satisfactorily explain) to decide you’ve been positive enough and bestow it on you, like Santa Claus. In the end, it feels like the bible dressed up in different clothing.

    I do think the universe works in mysterious ways and there are synchronicities. I do believe most of the time it is wise to think the most satisfying thoughts about situation possible. There may be windows in the space-time continuum where we can even create our own realities. But there are too many unknowns for me to take the LOA and Abraham-Hicks’s teachings at face value without questioning them, so I’m passing for now. So glad to find this post and someone else who feels the way I do.

  13. This is very true. The message is simple yet they constantly over-complicate it to keep people coming back and listening. It’s sort of like a drug because you feel an ’emotional high’ when they say certain words and phrases that make you feel really good, but then as soon as you stop listening to them then reality sets in and you want to go back and listen to more in order to escape reality.

    They are way too repetitive as well. They keep coming up with new analogies to explain the same simple message so that it stays interesting and so people continue listening. I personally still believe in the LOA but I think you have to find your own way to apply the things that work for you.

    In general all these self-help motivational speakers are just too addictive and ultimately not helpful to me. They all say similar things too. But one thing Abraham Hicks says that I love is “Life experience teaches, not words”, and that’s something I am going to live by because you’re own life experience is the greatest teacher out there. You can realise what works best for you in life.

  14. I think this review says a lot about the writer’s unwillingness to take responsibility, along with his eagerness to blame others. “Creating superstitious followers…” How does any being “create” the mindset of another adult being? They can’t. If you became a superstitious follower, that’s on you.

  15. I see a lot of pain in your experience, likely so with the intense creation of the website and astute revelation. From your articles it sounds like this program was a system of evading negative situations by avoiding them all together. I try at brainwashing into positivity at any expense.

    The key to what you are looking for is not found in this program. The key is in identifying our limited beliefs
    and processing them down so, they no longer have a hold on you. Reduce the intensity of those beliefs and intensify the beneficial beliefs.

    I can give you an example: I bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, I knew exactly what I wanted nice looking, great gas mileage, push button start but, because I considered my self a trendsetter, I knew that this car looked like any other car, not only did it look like some of the more popular cars but, more than ever the same color really, really annoyed me, each and everyday – it was a total reminder that it was not reflecting my unique and special personality. It came to the point that I realized it was a limiting belief about myself. Why did I need a trendsetting car color? after consideration, my life entire life, I had been working to show everyone how special I really am, that I am worthy without they “key color” that set me apart…Literally, I always spoke about my accomplishments and accolades to prove I was special. I took many risks and did things that set me apart to show people how special I was. Then, I realized, I don’t need to be that person anymore, it was tiring and without that person, I let my those around me off the hook from dealing with me.

    Guess what…..I am already special….no one has ever lived thru any lifetimes before like me and no one will live any lives after me as me.

    Now…..I don’t even notice the damn cars, and I can focus on more important things.

    Such simple things always break down and create real tangible life changing shifts, we all just need the right tools.


    Donna Owen

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