Abraham-Hicks will teach you how to defy gravity!

Abraham-Hicks will teach you how to defy gravity!

According to one Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction clip on YouTube, the scientific laws governing our planet are just beliefs with a lot of momentum going. You, the powerful deliberate creator, can defy collective “perceptions” such as Newton’s law of gravity:

“There is no exception to the premises that you can defy… You can become such a vibrational being that you can experience plenty of life experience that does not include gravity. And those who are observing you would find you to be complying with their idea of it. But your personal experience would not be.”

The gall of this quote nearly made my jaw drop. That is really saying something considering that the Abraham-Hicks quote I was actually looking for was about how science is essentially one big placebo effect, conforming only to the expectations of each researcher.

We must learn to recognize when spiritual beliefs depart from truth to a degree that can get us into big trouble.

I do not wish to be the enemy of open mindedness nor possibility. This is a breathtakingly amazing world we live in, without even knowing the half of it.

But at what point do beliefs become impractical, fantastical, delusional? Reality still exists, even though some gurus work hard to obscure it in order to attract spiritual seekers. The scary thing is, many accept the words of their spiritual leader without question. I’ve been there.

We are living in an age of inspiration and motivation: “You can do anything! And don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!” It’s easy to get pulled in, and that message can be incredibly powerful when applied reasonably.

But what about when it is taken to absurd, even brainwashing extremes? For instance, what about this idea that you can defy the law of gravity (but you will be—read that opening quote again—the only one who notices)?

Secretly defying gravity. Definitely real life.

How do magical beliefs play out in real life?

There are a lot of far-out ideas commanding people’s attention these days. Where does this kind of thinking lead people when they really get going? Here are just a few examples that I’ve personally witnessed:

  • Abraham-Hicks and Law of Attraction teaches that this world is completely “vibration-based” so healing all physical and medical ills is only about shifting your “vibration.” Imagine the kind of health advice believers start generating. No need for doctors or diagnoses or surgeries, just do what feels like it’s getting you vibrationally aligned.
  • A colleague told us that we can heal our own broken bones without the use of tools or medicine, and implied that we should all be moving in this direction, away from science-based medicine in favor of applying mind power alone.
  • A woman employed in the social services sector began pressuring clients to go off of their psychiatric medications and use Law of Attraction instead. Yes, she got fired.
  • A Facebook friend posted about Chronicle, the science fiction movie about boys who gain powers of flight and telekinesis. What followed was an inspired discussion from a handful of his friends, already busy trying to unlock hidden superpowers of their own.
  • Members on forums discussed their attempts to effortlessly attract their goals: Eyes that change colors at will, straight teeth without orthodontics, and perfect physiques without diet and exercise. Some individuals even hoped to use Law of Attraction to wake up in a new body of the opposite sex.

As someone who has been through years of exploration and training in spiritual areas, I am grateful for every experience that has stretched my mind. I am not saying there isn’t much more to our world than meets the eye. I don’t deny the mystical or metaphysical.

But we should not deny the realities of the physical world either, nor confuse this denial for advanced spiritual thought.

Spirituality does not have to be divorced from reality

Seeing the world through this exaggerated, you-can-defy-gravity mentality did not help me achieve the extraordinary. It has not helped those around me achieve the extraordinary either. Magical beliefs don’t alter the way reality works, they alter how effectively you manage yourself and your decisions in relation to reality.

Designing your worldview around emotional highs and spiritual hype can feel right for a time. But there will remain underlying confusion, escapism, and resistance to the way life truly operates. This belief system taken to the extreme turns out to be hollow—a fictional distraction that moves people backwards.

Authentic spirituality is not about highs and hype, nor does it seek to deny the physical world. Spirituality can add to and enhance our lives, but that doesn’t happen when you focus on replacing objective reality with subjective beliefs.

Be aware of your relationship to subjective and objective reality:

  • Are you constantly emphasizing mental and emotional energies?
  • Living in a dreamy, subjective fantasy world?
  • Scornful of normal, accepted reality and infatuated instead with possibilities beyond it?
  • Attempting to take an “energetic” path to each goal while devaluing established knowledge?
  • And mistaking all of this for superior knowledge and the road to success on the planet Earth?

These are indications that you have been led off balance and off track. The more responsible spirituality to strive for is the kind that puts you more in touch with all arenas of life, embodying you in the world rather than divorcing you from it.

Emotional manipulation fools people into false beliefs

Emotional hype plays a huge role in belief systems that encourage magical thinking. I now see that this manipulation of emotion is exploitative.

As a side note, I have felt almost identically manipulated at multi-level marketing events, many of which are in a similar business of selling intoxicating dreams and eliciting hope from the masses. I believe it is no coincidence that the late Jerry Hicks was first successful in Amway before using a similar emotional strategy to sell Abraham’s Law of Attraction teachings.

“You can do anything” can be hyped up to the extreme. It can become a message that disconnects people from reality, fogs up our critical thinking, and puts pure emotion in the driver’s seat. It is very effective for selling something (especially to a seeker or idealist). It is also an effective method for brainwashing and control.

Success in actual reality means operating in actual reality

Keep your mind open and your aspirations high but give up extreme beliefs. Aim to be a person who thinks accurately, strategically, and effectively.

To be successful in this world–as opposed to simply in your head–don’t attempt to operate outside reality. Learn to become masterful within it. You don’t go around it, you go through it.

Beware of those who preach that you can do anything… without earthly limits… through mind power or belief. They are either earnest believers attempting to teach that which they have not truly achieved. Or they are trying to sell you something. Or both.

11 thoughts on “Abraham-Hicks will teach you how to defy gravity!

  1. This is an interesting post, I too like abraham but I also believe inspired action. Abraham preaches the art of allowing but it can be deceiving. It can mean resting on our laurels a little to much. I translate the teachings into attracting through inspired action. I don’t doubt some of the ‘crazy’ claims and I do believe that anything is possible. That’s how our world has become what it is today. Who knows what we will be able to do in 100 years from now. I am open to that possibility though I won’t be practicing teleportation any time soon lol. Good post!

    1. Wonderful to have your input here, Sakeenah, thank you. It’s a fine line for me, trying to stand for both common sense and inspiration, because I share your belief in possibility. How much different would 2015 look if no one ever pushed the bounds of accepted thought! And it’s a great point about what may be possible 100 years from now.

      But I don’t believe it is the people thinking like I used to who are taking the world anywhere fast (especially not anyone trying to use “vibration” to defy gravity in a way that only they can notice). When I bring to mind various amazing strides that have been made in the world, I’d say they happened by building upon knowledge and discovering what works and what doesn’t. And the breakthroughs happen on the fronts where people learn how to make their goal viable within the order of this amazing planet. I think many people are trying to bypass that order and accomplish everything through consciousness, spirit, and inspiration whilst leaving out the entire rest of the equation. The line between leading edge thought and a return to the Dark Ages starts to blur!

      Thanks again for your comments.

  2. Frankly, I like what I thought LOA was, and I used it and had good results. But Abraham hicks warps everything and focuses so hard on the nonsense side of things. She makes it impossible to have a nice life because you are constantly fighting (aka aligning) your emotions! And then she is so anti science and anti logic and anti personal judgement.

    1. You nailed it on the head that Abraham-Hicks will have people constantly battling themselves. The idea that experiencing a normal human emotion means separating oneself from Source or from one’s inner being? And that it creates negative consequences in your life? That is one of their most twisted and damaging lies. And molding followers to deny logic, science, reality, critical thinking—what a very useful purpose that serves for a false teacher/prophet.

  3. I don’t care for the abe hicks teachings because I think it’s a bit unrealistic and implies we must be perfect in our thoughts, etc, to manifest. (I’ve began consciously manifesting many experiences and things long before i had ever heard the term “vibrational escrow” and I can tell you with certainty that I was most definately not in the vortex all the time prior to this. I meditated on a vision board each morning for about 10 minutes.) However, I do believe there is some truth to the whole gravity thing and anything really. Many great spiritual teachers have talked about how one truly can defy many earthly laws and beliefs if truly aligned with that belief. The problem is that there simply isn’t anyone who is going to be able to totally believe they can defy gravity. But I have heard some amazing stories of a few people throughout history who supposedly were able to do miraculous things because they believed it with every fiber of their being. I believe abe hicks was trying to make a point about the power of aligning with a certain belief…and not implying that we are all going to experience this specifically. It’s an extreme example.

    1. Hi Menley, thank you for reading and commenting!

      I would like to challenge the idea that we have incarnated as physical humans on this physical planet with its specific natural laws in order to defy those laws through believing “with every fiber of our being.”

      I realize you didn’t say that’s what we should be focusing on, but I’m saying it because I think that is one of the fundamental problems with A-H that it’s important to draw attention to.

      It’s not that extraordinary things aren’t possible, it’s that a system based completely on this sort of talk is relying on people’s impulsion towards fantasy in order to bamboozle them. I think that this “you can defy gravity” sort of talk is more than an extreme example, I think it is THE Abraham-Hicks shtick.

      I think people (all people, not just a few throughout history who perhaps came with a very unusual life focus) would benefit more from finding ways to do things that are practical within the mechanics already set out for us here on Earth rather than get hyped up on the idea of creating miracles.

      For example, going forward with the assumption that 1+1=2 (not something else if you believe it enough) allows for even more to be built upon that framework, like calculus, astronomy, or the physics of actual flying. Focusing on “1+1 does not have to equal 2 for ME, and all I have to do is get aligned” is not a helpful premise with which to go about life.

        1. Hi Danny, just wanted to say thanks for the above book recommendation. I appreciate this Zen approach to spirituality and awakening: real and humble and unembellished compared to what’s popular right now!

          1. You’re absolutely welcome. I find sometimes it’s nice to have a simple few words to digest instead of a novel. Though I should probably digest a novel now and then.

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