Digging a Financial Hole with Abraham-Hicks

Digging a Financial Hole with Abraham-Hicks

Now for a question on the mind of many Law of Attraction enthusiasts.  How can I create a “vibration” of abundance and attract more money?

Abraham-Hicks promises a simple and appealing route to financial success

When I was an Abraham-Hicks believer, I thought there was a simple equation for financial success. In fact, I thought there was a simple equation for everything: Financial abundance, just like everything else in life, was supposed to be a factor of my “vibration.”

This was great news, especially since Abraham-Hicks just so happened to have all the answers for how to improve this all-important vibration, and thus, improve every area of life.

Even more good news, the path to this was all about faith, ease, and feeling good. It was all about internal factors that I could control. I was taught to believe that I just had to master the Teachings in order to allow all good things to come.

The downside to mastering the Law of Attraction is that banks will refuse to hold all your money. Because it’s imaginary.

Law of Attraction followers come to believe that their biggest practical concern is only, “How am I feeling? Am I allowing or resisting in this moment?”

I liked that I didn’t have to think too hard, nor try too hard, nor worry about finicky details. I liked that I could simply follow inspiration and joy, letting the rest fall into place like magic.

But did the rest fall into place like magic?

Is anyone succeeding at managing money, and all of life, through some kind of mental alchemy?

Results of thinking of money in terms of vibration and the Law of Attraction

Back to the question of how a person can get a good money vibration going. Notice that language. How can we create abundance? Attract money? Thinking of money in “vibrational” terms leads to suggestions that may look something like this:

  • Change your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions around the subject of money
  • Practice thinking, feeling, and behaving in abundant ways
  • Feel good, soothe yourself, and work your way up the emotional scale on topics related to money
  • If it doesn’t feel good, don’t focus there. Remember, it’s about releasing resistance, not observing What-Is
  • Throw in the Abraham-Hicks meditation on financial abundance to really get the energy moving

There are some potentially useful ideas in there. But let me illustrate how it can look in action when this is your approach:

  • Do a lot of psychological and journaling exercises related to money
  • Buy books about attraction and manifestation, rather than books about concrete knowledge in budgeting or investing
  • Keep your actual financial situation blurry and out of focus if it doesn’t feel good to focus there
  • Keep taking the path of least resistance
  • Reason that it’s OK to use your credit card on those personal development workshops, courses, and materials. You are free from thinking in terms of “can I or can’t I afford it” because you know it’s actually all about vibration.
  • In fact, credit card debt be damned. Who cares what your balance is when you KNOW incredible financial abundance is lined up and on its way to you.
  • There is no need to feel bad, worried, or concerned in relation to your finances. In fact, those feelings indicate that you are vibrating and attracting Lack. Instead focus on the thoughts that feel good, such as, “I don’t need to worry about my finances,” and “money is lined up for me in my vortex.” There, that’s better.
  • Budgeting to bring your finances into better balance? That’s not inspiring, that sounds like an “action journey.”
  • Getting educated so you have the skills and credentials to make money? That’s not how money is REALLY made. This world is all about vibration.

A more practical way to approach the subject of money

Now let’s leave behind ideas about creating/attracting/manifesting abundance and phrase it in a different, more helpful way:

How can I get/make/save money?

When you take off the spiritual lens and remember that money is physical, you start to think more practically about improving finances:

  • Be aware of your finances in detail. In fact, practice precision, diligence, and care in all money-related matters
  • Learn how to handle money/learn smart habits around money
  • Learn about banks, investing, credit, debt, and other worldly money matters
  • Learn skills that make money
  • Decide how much is for spending and present-day enjoyment and how much is for saving and the future
  • Get your information from financial experts rather than spiritual books that are supposedly authored by channeled entities
  • And of course, do learn about your relationship to money on other levels as well, including understanding financial beliefs, hang-ups, and emotional patterns

This will all be so obvious to your average grounded, responsible human being. But it was not obvious to me. And it’s not obvious to the Law of Attraction crowd, because they have been taught to think of money as a result of mental and emotional energy alone.

Is there a psychological element to making money? Surely. Is there a spiritual element, even a karmic element? Perhaps.

Is there a physical, earthly, action-required component to making money and keeping it? Definitely that one. But Law of Attraction followers are taught to pay little to no attention to this fact.

The false war in Law of Attraction between the action journey and the vibrational journey

Abraham-Hicks repeatedly discourages followers from taking the “action journey.” Followers come to believe that the action journey is how unthinking muggles toil to get things accomplished. Deliberate creators supposedly know better.

Deliberate creators supposedly know how to harness the power of the universe through a vibrational journey that paves the way for inspired, effortless action. It does feel good to believe you’re extra-clever and skipping all the hard, slow stuff.

But this “vibrational shortcut” gives results that can be very different from the ones promised.

Who will come out ahead? The person taking prudent, outer-world action to make and save money? Or the person who relies on internal management (meditation, psychological processes, and gratitude lists) to “attract abundance?”

The financial outcome of trusting a flawed belief system

What did I get when I lived for vibration over practicality?

Besides a lot of confusion around money (and confusion around so much else) due to a flawed worldview, I ended up with debt. This debt took years to pay off and can be traced directly back to my Abraham-Hicks days.

True, no one is directly telling Law of Attraction followers to spend money or be reckless. But when people are not clear on how to practically manage money—in fact when they are taught illusions and magical thinking around money—then it is easy, even inevitable, to mismanage one’s finances.

My financial outcome would have been different if I had, for example, read my books on managing money and building financial security instead of tossing them aside when I found the more appealing Abraham-Hicks belief system.

I regret the way I mismanaged money in those years under the haze of Law of Attraction beliefs. I can now see that I was taught to think about money and abundance in absurd, illogical, foolish ways. The actual results—the actual money outcomes that appeared despite my nice beliefs—confirm this.

There are outcomes, consequences for the choices we make. And even good intentions and good vibes will not rescue us from the consequences of a nice-sounding, but ultimately unsound belief system.

3 thoughts on “Digging a Financial Hole with Abraham-Hicks

  1. This was me to a T. I relate so much to everything you write. My financial situation approved in leaps and bounds after I let go of the vortex and learned how to manage my money. Prior to that, I spent money I didn’t have all the while sitting and waiting in wishful delusion for my vibrational escrow to manifest.

    1. Thank you for this comment. It’s very validating for me as well to hear from ex-followers who got caught in the same net. The finances one is such a good indicator of whether one’s approach is REALLY working or not, since no one can dependably will money to appear! It’s easy to fake other things going well, but finances is an area that doesn’t go well if you don’t do it properly!

  2. I think I understand the teachings of abraham in a different way. I look at it as a very nice fantasy that I enjoy doing when I for example imagine that I have a million dollars. For the rest I work hard as a single mom to provide for my children and put a lot of efford in looking after my finances so I don,t get in trouble. I do have a creditcard but almost never use it. So I don’ t really understand why the teachings of Abraham are not good. But maybe I only use the things that I like of it and the rest I ignore it or don’t see it?
    Also every person is different so everyone can have his own believe which is oke I think.

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