There’s something fishy about Abraham-Hicks.

There’s something fishy about Abraham-Hicks.

And brave you for reading this!  If you are an Abraham follower (an “Aber”) then you have been taught to believe that focusing on anything that contradicts what you want to hear and how you want to feel is BAD for you.  It goes against the primary rule:  feel good, feel good, feel good.  In fact, it supposedly adds that which you don’t want to your “vibration,” muddies your signal to the universe, and thus delays all the positive things that have been lined up for you in your “vortex.”

I used to live according to those constructs as well, but have come to understand how absurd those ideas are, not to mention deceptive, manipulative, and controlling.  But if you have, for now, accepted this belief, then you are to be commended for your bravery for reading this.

I would like to reassure you that critical thinking, examining different ideas, and even having a reaction that doesn’t feel good will NOT disadvantage you, your life, or your future in any way.  You have nothing to fear.

If you are a spiritual seeker who does not identify with being an Aber, I hope you will find it interesting to read a blog that attempts to discuss spiritual topics in grounded and responsible ways.  This is not the place to read articles like, “Manifesting Money and Unicorns with the Law of Attraction!”  Or “How to Hand Over Your Life to Spirit Guides!”  I think we can all agree there are so many helpful and empowering ideas in New Age, but are ALL of these ideas equally helpful?

A half truth is a whole lie. ~Yiddish Proverb

At this blog I would like to examine some of the screwy ideas, half-truths, and even lies that are being readily accepted by many spiritual seekers.  In particular, I am here to talk about the tricky mix of helpful and harmful ideas contained in the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

Here is some brief background on where I stand:

  • I was an avid follower of the Abraham-Hicks teachings for 5 years.
  • At some point I woke up.  I felt that I had been brainwashed.  I began to see the consequences these ideas can have.
  • I now cherish the return of my clear thinking and faculties of reason.  More than ever I value spirituality that is authentic and accountable.  I care about ideas that are valid and effective for life on earth.
  • I now understand more about the spiritual realms that surround us, entities, and the human mind-body-spirit system.
  • I believe Abraham to be an astral entity that Esther is channelling.  There are more entities involved in this movement, but I will be referring to Abraham as a single being.
  • I aim to examine these very popular, very appealing beliefs that may not be as benign as they first appear.

It is not that I wish to bash cherished belief systems or a person’s right to believe in them, in fact I care very much about free will and everyone’s right to make empowered choices.  Which is why I am focusing on a belief system that is not aboveboard or teaching the highest wisdom of the land, but rather hindering true freedom of mind and hindering people’s ability to make clear, empowered choices.

Spirituality may go beyond rational thought, but it must not forsake it.

Thank you for visiting, and stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “There’s something fishy about Abraham-Hicks.

  1. I like Abraham Hicks but, as I am a believe of God I feel the only way to really know something is through receiving that message yourself from God or source or whatever you call it. I commend you for not completely abandoning your senses. I like to read a lot from all spiritual teachers but I find my greatest teacher is my self. And i discern what is right for me through my feelings. So far, my gut has never steered me wrong.

    1. Sakeenah, this is an important point you make, trusting self and God above all else. I have run into big problems when I tried to elevate anyone or anything else to that ultimate position of authority, leaving my own discernment and self-authority behind in the process. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Hi ladies. I suffered so much from following these nonsense teachings. I love inspiration and the feel good message and the idea that hope is never lost anything is possible. AND no help from her, I have experienced what I feel like is magic and looks like loa.

    What I didn’t like was this mean spiritedness of feeling like people get what they get and thats it. Whatever happened to grace? Or giving someone a break. I think Esther betrayed herself when she said this statement, something to the effect of surprises happen out of the oblivious, when she could have easily said something less hurtful and judgmental. I think she spins things in a way that discredits peoples feelings, not soothes them. She teaches people not to trust their feelings or their judgement, but to instead buy her message with the hopes they can finally get it right. Very tiresome. If I had not discovered my own version of loa before her, I would never believe in this stuff again.

    The thing is, my own version of practice that brought me happiness was not expensive, it required having faith in God, in the value of the work of my hands, and in the purity of my intention to do well and to be good to others as well as myself. I’m sad that this woman is teaching accepting of liars and abusers as a form of spirituality that is super positive. No, victims and abusers are not the same. In her ways of thinking it would seem that the abusers are more aligned than the victims. Terrible. I guess this is part of how she reconciles what she does.

    1. Gigi, so valuable to have your perspective here. What you have said illustrates perfectly that Abraham-Hicks is a sneaky blend of harmful concepts mixed with wisdom (wisdom that has already been established by others, and wisdom that you discovered and practiced on your own it sounds like). You are certainly not the only one to be turned off by the mean-spiritedness that results from these sociopathic teachings. Please feel free to comment anytime with your insights.

  3. Hi, I love your blog. I hope you continue to post here. I’d love to hear more about your experiences in the spiritual community and your thoughts about different teachings and teachers. Can you recommend any reading material? Ever since I stopped following Abraham and Teal Swan, I’ve been severely depressed and lost. I don’t know what to trust or believe in and I am looking for some type of spiritual foundation I guess. Its been a few years now that I stopped following them and I’ve been searching, but I still don’t quite know. Believing in LoA according to these teachers made me think I had more control in my life which I think helped me for a time, but like you’ve said these teachings can be damaging and have encourage obsessive thinking and a cult mentality. Now I feel like I have very little control and its very scary.

    1. Hi Anne, thank you so much for your appreciation. It’s always encouraging to me. I have so many partially written blog posts, plus new thoughts all the time, so I hope you’ll stick around even though I fail at keeping this blog regularly updated!

      I am sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment, especially since it sounds like you are experiencing a lot of post-disillusionment discomfort. I relate completely. It took me a long time to re-balance. I think you are right on track feeling depression, feeling lost, and doing this searching for a spiritual foundation.

      There are so many factors that can make disillusionment so painful. Any grief, anger, depression, and powerlessness that you may be feeling is warranted. I think that many people will even avoid the pain of disillusionment, which is so heavy and destabilizing, by not allowing themselves to wake up. So I hope you will feel good about whatever courageous and growth-oriented qualities inside yourself have allowed you to grow beyond these ideologies. I believe you want growth and truth more than you want denial or a crutch, and that is wonderful.

      I understand the feeling of trying to grasp for another foundation. If my advice doesn’t fit for you, don’t try to make it fit, but I recommend letting yourself just Be for awhile. Be in the murky spiritual soup without having to know anything for certain. It’s extra hard because it’s such a “loss” from the absolute certainty that LOA gives people (no wonder it’s so intoxicating). But keep the knowledge that you ARE powerful, even though you don’t have god-like control. Keep the knowledge that you ARE protected and guided. Otherwise, I would advise that it may help to back off from spirituality in general for awhile. Know that your life as a human IS a spiritual journey, and the so-called mundane aspects are actually where it’s at.

      Walk with your feet firmly on the ground of human life and readjust to focusing there, even though it’s heavy and slow compared to lofty spiritualism. Build other muscles beyond spiritual contemplation. Pour your energy into the parts of your life that may have been neglected during the course of other spiritual pursuits. Allow yourself to see if there is anything you have been trying to cover up through spirituality. Again, this advice may not fit YOU. What I will say is that when you pray or do spiritual practices, call upon and connect with God/the Divine rather than addressing spirits/angels/entities.

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